This curated list features the best mafia romance books, overflowing with ruthless mafiosos and Bratva princesses.

“Sempre” is a famous mafia romance novel written by J. 2.

The heroine is a daring art thief who tries to return a stolen painting to its rightful owner but gets caught by the ruthless and handsome mob boss who owns it.

Mafia romance book on offer.

There are several books I truly enjoyed in this list - like Sempre by J. So I recommend Filthy Marcellos because is the trilogy that introduces the world. Home My Books.

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May 8, 2023 April 25, 2023 by Eddison Monroe. 1. This book tells the story of Aria Scuderi, a young woman born into one of the most.

Merciless series by Willow Winters. Books on the mafia are a fantastic opportunity to learn about the grimy and ominous world of organised crime.

If you're a fan of romantic suspense novels, then.


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. Sparrow was the first book I’ve read (and liked) in the arranged/forced marriage trope.

Shen, The Sweetest Oblivion by Danielle Lori, Sweet Temptation by Cora Reilly, Ugly Beast by Sam.
Best Mafia Romance Books: From 'The Sweetest Oblivion' To 'Forget-Me-Not Bombshell', Captivating Books That Will Blow Your Mind Away! | 🛍️ LatestLY,Mafia romance books are all the rage these days.



1. Nov 27, 2022 · 10 Best Mafia Romance Books: To Read Twice 1. 2.

• ANGST [The unrequited love kinda angst where he isn't committed to her but she likes him and she's been. Raze (Scarred Souls) Our hero is Raze. 1. 2. Sep 8, 2022 · Take a walk on the dark side with these criminally good mafia romance books.

Dark Mafia Romance novels have gained popularity over the past several years, enticing readers with their dramatic and passionate storylines.

249 books based on 226 votes: Bound by Honor by Cora Reilly, Bound by Hatred by Cora Reilly, Bound by Duty by Cora Reilly, Ruthless People by J. Read.


Jun 16, 2022 - The Best Mafia Romance Books Often Include Bad-Boy Characters, Danger & Forbidden Romances.

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Best Mafia Romance Books - Novels For Your Reading Requirements It's a truth universally acknowledged that love stories in books are a lot more magical than in real life.